Three reasons to nominate butchery apprentices in 2024 Annual Prizegiving

People often ask how the Annual Prizegiving organised by the IoM and WCB gets such a good number of nominations.  IoM CEO, Keith Fisher comments, ‘Luck doesn’t come into it – it’s quite simply a sound business decision for both employers and the apprentices they nominate.’

Why does he say this?  Well, here’s three good reasons:

  1. To generate valuable publicity for your business.  Good, FREE publicity in a world, which sometimes feels like it has an anti-meat agenda, is manna from heaven.  But it’s difficult to generate as there’s so much competition for editorial space.  Regional press and websites love an engaging human story and having an award winner at a prestigious prizegiving often fits the bill perfectly.  In fact the media coverage of this year’s winners spanned all the way from Northumbria to Hampshire!
  2. To increase motivation and productivity.  Nominating your apprentice into a national award demonstrates faith and confidence you have in their ability and attitude.  At the IoM we’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t remarked on the boost this gives their apprentice, encouraging them to continue working hard and strive to master their craft.
  3. To inspire business leaders.  Apprentices recognised at the IoM / WCB Annual prizegiving are exposed to a network of high achievers in the meat industry and many progress quickly in the industry and take on management position within their companies.

So, as well as making good business sense to get involved in the Annual Prizegiving, it is also about ‘doing the right thing’.  As custodians of this great industry we are rightfully proud of it.  If it is not our job to do all we can to inspire the next generation, and leave the meat industry in good hands with a vibrant future, then whose is it?

Apprentice Winners February 2023

For more information about the the Institute of Meat / Worshipful Company of Butchers Annual Prizegiving, or to nominate an apprentice, or for more information, please email Sheryl Horne at

Closing date for nominations 31st December 2023