The Institute of Meat (IoM) is a professional body for people from the meat industry and related fields of activity. As well as encouraging and helping to fund education and training throughout the industry it plays a valuable role as a forum for like-minded people to meet, exchange ideas and gain a wider appreciation of the meat industry.

Our main aims of the Institute of Meat are:

  • Establish, maintain and develop standards, skills and technology within the meat industry
  • Provide access to Continuous Professional Development for members
  • Ensure that education and training, of the right type and standard, is carried out across the United Kingdom through the Meat Training Council and training providers, especially those that offer Butchery Apprenticeships
  • Assist education and training authorities from the resources available
  • Promote technical and/or educational demonstrations, seminars and specialist courses; also to arrange visits to meat and food production factories around the world
  • Develop a wider awareness of the value of education and training for all people engaged in the meat industry and therefore secure a greater recognition of the value of national qualifications provided through the Meat Training Council and
  • Enhance and develop the status of members of the IoM within the meat industry, through their attainment of appropriate, relevant qualifications and development of professional attitudes
  • Provide technical information and advisory services to the Government and other official bodies, individual members and companies engaged in the meat industry
  • Engage in and develop the international exchange of meat industry knowledge