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There are five types of membership categories:


App.Inst.M – for students studying to attain qualifications within the meat industry


M.Inst.M – for applicants with jobs in or associated with the meat industry


G.M.Inst.M – for applicants with meat industry qualifications

Master Butcher

MB.Inst.M – for members who have attained the Institute of Meat Accredited Master Butcher qualification


F.Inst.M – awarded by the Institute of Meat for service to the meat industry. Applicants can not apply for this category of membership. It is awarded at the discretion of the applications committee

Annual membership of the Institute of Meat is £60.00 a year. Your application will be considered at the next Executive Committee Meeting and you will be notified shortly afterwards if you have been successful and which category you have been awarded.

Thank you for your application and interest in the Institute.

The Institute of Meat

On approval of membership, members receive a signed and embossed certifcate.
Members are also entitled to use the appropriate letters after their name on business cards/letterheads and other stationery. For example – Mr A. N. Other - M Inst M


  1. To establish, maintain and develop standards, skills and technology within the meat/food industry;
  2. To ensure that education and training, of the right type and standard is carried out across the United Kingdom through the Meat Training Council and training providers;
  3. To assist education and training authorities from the resources available within the Institute;
  4. To promote technical and/or educational demonstrations, seminars and specialist courses. Arrange visits to meat and food production factories worldwide;
  5. To develop a wider awareness of the value of education and training for all people engaged in the meat industry and therefore secure a greater recognition of the value of national quali cations provided through the Meat Training Council;
  6. To enhance and develop the status of members of The Institute within the meat/food industry, through their attainment of appropriate, relevant quali cations and development of professional attitudes;
  7. To provide technical information and advisory services to Government and other of cial bodies, individual members and companies engaged in the meat/food industry;
  8. To engage in and develop the international exchange of meat/food industry knowledge.